Anne’s best friend.

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Harry riding his motorcycle in Brentwood - July 22, 2014 

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didaclee: With @louistomlinsonnew & @niallhoran in the Camp Nou cc @onedirection #campnouexperience #igersfcb

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In response to the Germany vs. Brazil 5-0 halftime score

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» it's been awhile (since i've felt butterflies) for milkballoon


Rating: Mature

Wordcount: 21,495

Warnings: None applied

Summary: In which Louis works in an ice cream parlor and Harry is Gemma’s cute little brother who starts working there, as well.

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» If You Wanna Try Me On for ballsdeepinjesus


Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 18,702

Warnings: None applied

Side Pairings: Niall Horan/Zayn Malik

Summary: To be fair, Harry’d been half asleep when Niall convinced him to put in his CV in the first place. Like, Harry wants to be a proper serious journalist—he’s not about to give up that dream in favour of becoming a personal assistant at a fashion magazine, or…whatever. Harry’s not actually all that sure what Tomlinson Styles even is, beyond his ticket to fame or any of the other things Niall’d spouted off at him, but when he shows up for the interview and is unceremoniously shoved into an office with the Tomlinson part of that equation, all Harry can really think about is that he would like to be a Tomlinson-Styles.

…or the Devil Wears Prada AU that no one wanted. Sort of.

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